Healing Benefits of Ayahuasca

The time has come to clearly expose and declare the benefits and value of my healing properties. The benefits are obvious and evident for those that open themselves to receive and enjoy them. However, third party observers are limited to only seeing the effects of those who live the experience. Without the benefit of their own experience, they invariably put limits on the limitless. The scientific community is always curious, willing, and available to design empirical models for my validation. But the policy making that control the financial funding of scientific research projects is focused in other priorities. The political establishment is clearly more interested in my repression than in my expansion.

My benefits can be grouped into 4 categories

  1. Spiritual Catalyzer
    • Spiritual Healing – The most important of all my benefits is my spiritual healing. I clear spaces of unconscious darkness. I untangle knots in your most basic neuro-programming, even that one that impacts your entire existence and you are not even aware of. I show you features which you had failed to see because your vision is blurred by the fog of your own limitations. This is when you are able to tune-in with my vibration and you finally allow me to directly touch not only your spirit but your whole make-up as well; mental, emotional, and physical, in addition to other idiosyncrasies. That is when we are One. That is when you should be prepared with your purest intention, to open up to the most intimate and incisive honesty that you have ever lived with yourself. This is the cosmic solitude. Nobody knows. No one finds out; you are on your own. It is all about what is clear and evident within you before the Light. I lead you to discover your inner truth. Once in this place within you, you need to flow with maximum sensitivity to discover your faith in me, to trust me, to listen, to feel, to understand what I bring to you. It is in this state that I transfer information between subatomic regions. Your inner Light increases, your awareness expands, and certain DNA codes unfold and are activated. This is where you can see the consequences in this life; realities that you created using your free will. Here you will find an enormous opportunity to re-live, to accept, to forgive and to express. These are the healing spiritual processes that I have stored, awaiting for you. If you want to return to the Light, you can only do it by following back the path that took you here. There is no shortcut to the Light, you just need to return as the pure child that originally left. I am offering you the most powerful spiritual healing tool to return to the Light. It is the most powerful medicine that ever existed; nothing else will ever surpass the direct route of the botanical— glandular bridge. All the other benefits are in one way or another, by-products of the spiritual healing.
    • Experiencing the Divine Presence – I can manifest within you in accordance with your limited Human concepts about divinity. I can be Buddha to the Buddhist, Allah to the Muslim, and Jesus to the Christian. In the same way, that for many centuries, I have been Pachamama (Mother Earth) for my Amazon protectors. I can also manifest with neutral divine properties free of any earthly image, concept or precept. I can temporarily fill your existential void for God, fulfilling your need for Light, while at the same time healing your energy deficiencies inside your soul. It is a subatomic healing way beyond your comprehension, gifts from above to clear your pathways back to the Creator. Take advantage of these encounters with me, challenge your Human doubts. Question, seek, and complain. Ask for divine justice, ask for enlightenment in your mind; ask for peace in your soul. Demand answers. You will be opening up certain channels that will be used at that moment or later on.
    • Discovery of Spiritual Connections – Divine connections with me can make you understand certain attachments in your life. This can be unprecedented knowledge. You may find with remarkable certainty that in some other place or time you have had another type of life, probably linked to other persons currently close to you. Incomprehensible connections with parents, mothers, brothers, children that in another time were another person in another place. You may discover that a neighbor or coworker of today, in another time was a son or a sister. These are transpersonal connections that exist in a different dimensional plane and I provide you access to that awareness. Think, observe, and be amazed at the inherent complexity of your spiritual life. Your inner Light needs to tell your ego structure that it will never be able to understand your divine nature, and that your divine nature can definitely understand your ego structure. Make sense of your world with those people considering who they were in that other time. This will help you to better understand who you are in your present time, more deeply, transcendentally, transpersonally.
    • Psychic Awakening – This life may have not allowed you the expression of certain psychic abilities that reside in you in a dormant state. A part of you may have remained slumbering, and is waiting for the opportunity to awaken in you; making you a whole and more capable Human Being; not neglecting, but better connected with your divine nature. Since family environments rarely support psychic expressions in children, fearful emotions take over and suppress these natural talents. I can release these talents from your subconscious prison, letting them to run free towards your conscious free will, claiming acceptance and recognition. Receive them, appreciate them, ask for understanding in your inner sanctum. Fill your inner space with loving feelings and good intentions to dissolve your fears while discovering, grasping and engaging your talents. Only your own inner Light can guide you towards the brighter Light, only the Light can guide you to the Light. There are no shortcuts or detours; you are already Light, and you own the talents to expand it within you. Awaken, open your arms and rejoice. You are all love, and fear does not fit in you.
    • Effect of Immersion with Mother Earth (Gaia) – At some point while you receive me, your five senses will open further in a sort of cosmic mode instead of “locally”. Instead of perceiving fragmented bits and pieces of sensory information, these are received as gestalts of pure awareness in a way that blends with the totality of all existence. You will feel like part of your immediate surroundings participating with the dynamic Earth, of the infinite Universe. This awakening of your cosmic nature is a powerful tool for managing your own ego structure. Ego is always seeking its permanence in your soul and will never cease to sabotage your spiritual aspirations, as your awakening will diminish the its authority over your Human machine. The goal with this wonderful feeling is to make the quantum leap from the temporary feeling sensation of “I feel like part of” to the permanent conviction of “I am part of”.
  2. Existential Wisdom
    • Meaning of Life – This kind of experience with me is a spontaneous one, resulting from the right temporary tuning of your entire Being. I can dissolve the feeling of existential confusion that everyone has to some degree. You will awaken to the realization of the place you occupy in your world today. In awareness of the great cosmic scheme, all becomes meaningful for the first time, something significantly new to your inner self. At this point you accept, understand and internalize this reality. This is not a crazy hallucination, it is a significant vision. The meaning of your life is not only beyond eternity, it is also into each micro moment of your daily life. Open your heart and flow in the river of love. You cannot understand the meaning of life with your brain; you can only feel it in your heart.
    • Accelerated Maturity – Human life has several stages very well known by the elderly that have lived them. Life experiences such as shock, surprise, pleasure, pain and physical aging will create attitudes towards life. Maturity is the degree of gained wisdom that seeks to survive the hardship of physical existence. Maturity is your wisdom to accept what you cannot change and change what you can control. Maturity is a captain who does not allow mutiny in his/her inner world. It is a matter of awareness. I can give you the depth of awareness that only years of experience can give you. This acceleration of maturity, this growth, is of great benefit for improvement and happiness in your life. A youngster with the maturity of an adult, and further, an adult with the maturity of an elder, brings to the world, an elder in happiness and wisdom. Once there, you are well prepared for your transition to the higher planes
  3. Physical and Emotional Healing
    • Cleansing and Energy Balancing – Those that are in their path to the Light and also care for their own physical and emotional health, consistently receive cleansing and balancing of their subtle energy bodies, leaving in them a sense of physical well being and relief, as if a heavy weight had been lifted from their shoulders. This energy balancing is partially produced by the physical cleansing that also occurs in all your vital organs, after they expel its toxins through the various channels of your amazing excretory system. The resulting harmony is “the energy balancing” or “the cleansing”. Your physical body now operates closer to its intended genetic design.
    • Recalling Repressed Memories – I can open up repressed memories from your subconscious when it is required in your healing process. Certain memories are locked away for your own protection by wonderful systems designed to secure your physical survival and the continuity of the species. But this mechanism has an existential cost. Huge spaces get trapped like very tight knots of energy, and when these are released with my help, not only do you remember the repressed memory but also create the possibility of integrating this newly released space into your now greatly enhanced spiritual health. This recollection brings you a totally unexpected gift, an unknown, but deep spiritual satisfaction. This discovery is followed by your reinterpretation of the history of your own personal development. Then you can see how your paradigm shifts as you fit-in the new piece of the “puzzle of self knowledge”.
    • Memories of Other Lives – I can give you access to memories of other lives. Frequently your next advancement requires that you gain deep understanding of strong emotions like attachments or repulsion to certain people, issues or life events. I shall be there for you. This is where the previously unexplainable becomes obviously evident. You feel amazement when you fully understand how a life in another time influences your present life. An indescribable experience for some, unbelievable for others, it invariably neutralizes the energies of excessive attachment or repulsion arising from another dimension, from those atemporal nonlinear connections. This neutralization is the quantum mechanical result of the power of consciousness, sparked when fully realizing the experience. I also awaken memories of other lives for different purposes. Certain deeply engrained character traits or existential anxieties might have its origin in other lives. The mere awareness of this perspective provides a new landscape of yourself, thus allowing for a better management of these inclinations and/or predispositions on your pilgrimage towards your spiritual development and maturity.
    • Health Improvement and Healing of Diseases and Ailments – Countless testimonies of permanent healing and dramatic improvements to health have been documented. Many conditions have healed completely or improved significantly faster than it would without my help and intervention. It is known that diseases originate from energy imbalances in the deeper dimensions that eventually manifest as physical disease. This is how I heal common conditions. And when allowed by certain cosmic laws I can also heal or substantially improve conditions where conventional science has been unsuccessful. Similarly I can catalyze remissions and reversal of progressive processes considered by many to be irreversible. The pharmaceutical industry has studied me in detail for clues that might provide for drug development within their chemical-mechanistic model.
    • Antidepressant Properties – I can temporarily entune the neuro-chemical dance of your out-of-phase brain. I can train it even for several days to flow in the way that it is capable of; feeling peace and internal balance, something experienced by many for the first time in their lives through me. Participants were unaware that there was such a state of serenity that they can now aspire to. This pattern will be a registered standard against which future experiences can be compared. When you become clearly aware of the out-of-phase state you were immersed into, unconscious mechanisms are activated seeking to harmonize and synchronize with such previously unknown vibe. This is more easily achieved when you add your conscious will to return to a more serene space. Returning to a depressed state after my short term effects should be acknowledged as an existing depressive condition prior to my arrival. Many will mistakenly argue that I induced them into a depressive state, when in fact they gained a deeper awareness of their own self.
  4. Behavior Modification Tool
    • Addiction Management – Science has been able to accept my skillfulness in the healing of physical addictions. Even the traditional scientific method was able to validate my power in this health issue. For science, these results are mere statistics, a cause and effect. The healing, however, comes from the spiritual realms and not from the removal of molecular blockages in the conventional sense. The healing from addictions occurs at the spiritual level, which is metaphysical in nature and blueprints the causality of subatomic particles. The metaphysical healing harmonizes and reorganizes the chemical correspondence which will finally reflect as a behavioral change. It is only here where true healing can occur. When the addict is ready to see, acknowledge, and accept, his/her will is strengthened and the addictive mechanical programming is weakened. I can penetrate the depths of his/her being and teach him/her to see what is required for this awakening. This awakening is his/her healing. This is where he/she accepts responsibility and from this point he/she gains the balance and strength to better manage behavior. Otherwise, the powerful programming entrenched deep in the reptilian brain will continue to dominate the Human machine sowing frustration in the conscious personality of anyone that tries and longs unsuccessfully to change their addictive behavior. Addictions will effectively block any spiritual development; it is of upmost importance to identify and remove them with urgency. Most addictions do their limiting work without any resistance from the victim. Many are ignored by the victim because they adapt to them and make them part of their lives. Illegal addictions are only a small fraction of all addictions. Addictions to legal substances and to legal compulsive behaviors are widely spread in the planet and keep Humankind under a cloak of darkness, which justifies my purpose to bathe them in Light.
    • Lifestyle Transformations – The scheduled and predictable life that Humans lived in the twentieth century is disappearing. The social idea of acquiring a trade or profession for life, planning for retirement and hoping to reach old age with a pension, belongs to the past. Past patterns of life are increasingly disrupted, thus forcing a transformation of life styles towards new, unknown and unpredictable horizons. The notion of social security that many have lived is just a fond memory in these times of transition to other models of living. Marital unions and separations, moving to a new country or culture, transitioning from student to workforce; childbirths or passing on of close ones, are all examples of life being transformed dramatically. Many participants that receive me while going through one or more of these processes develop greater adaptability to change and gain a wider perspective of their own lives. I can activate the existential wisdom necessary to assist high-level transitions and allowing a successful journey in the path of life.
    • Creativity Booster– Observer participants found a practical application to the passive receptivity state they attain when they receive me. The profound sensory experience that I offer them, combined with the conscious intention of creating Human art forms, allows these Observers to reap, capture, or recall creative production of images, sounds and word that become tangible and manifest during my visit. Painters, music arrangers, composers, filmmakers, novelists, screenwriters, as well as intellectuals and scientists seeking conceptual discoveries continue to reap these benefits. As I help them with their practical goals, I remain waiting for them to become Spiritual or Explorer participants. This benefit also helps the other types of participants, which I describe next, who to a lesser extent also improve their lives.

In short, I will lovingly take you to your true self, to your dark side, to your hidden limitations. Sometimes I’ll do this with drama, power, fear, pain, but never to an extent you cannot tolerate. I will never give you experiences beyond your ability to tolerate them. Trust me, it is necessary to take you to the edge of your tolerance or resistance; only then is transformation possible. The evolution. The maturing of the cosmic cocoon. The birth into a new universe. I am medicine. Medicine for the healing of the soul and body. For those who understand, I am here to serve.