Awaken Your Third Eye

Although I carry hallucinogenic properties, such is not the main gift I have to offer. There are hundreds of hallucinogen agents in the planet, but only a handful of “visiogens”, those powerful tools that open new inroads towards the Light. The hallucination is entertainment, the vision is virtue.

Create Awareness of Your Pineal Gland

This is your gateway to heaven. You should take care of it as you do with the lungs, caring about the air you breath and like your nutrition when you avoid certain unhealthy substances. Your soul expects you to know, train, and keep that eye healthy. That eye that sees into the darkness of the ventricle that has visions every night and leaves traces in the memory of sleep. 28 That eye that is named as if it were etheric in nature. The third eye is not only a “chakra” operating in another level, but also has rudimentary retina, cornea and light receptors, as well as the other two eyes. That eye is physically real. But, it is an organ that no one speaks about at school or in private. Is it not coincidence that its place is secretly protected in the geometric center of your skull. Take care of your pineal gland, learn about its structure and its functioning according to conventional science. Notice how it calcifies over the years. Research and find home remedies for detoxifying it. Create awareness of your pineal gland.

Awaken with our Church