Iowaska Church of Healing

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We are building a church that is home to healing, hope, wisdom and courage. A home that believes in second chances. Our floors are made of strength and supported by love. Lean on our church shoulders and feel our walls crafted with ambition and strength so that we can remind you of your own POWER under our roof of FORGIVENESS.

We Will guide you to manifest and heal according to the Divine Will, creating peace and blessings for everyone involved. Our Church is a shelter of love where we are all ONE.

Our Beliefs

In this house… we are true.

We make mistakes, we apologize, we love the creator, we have fun, we show kindness, we are patient, we practice spirituality, we show mercy, we forgive, and we LOVE.

The Universe puts brothers and sisters in our church of healing for a reason and removes them from their old way of life for a better reason. You may have someone in your mind, in your heart in your life, but WE ARE someone when you have no one.

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